How to install Python on Windows using Anaconda

  • Download the Python3.7 Graphical installer from the anaconda website
  • Follow the conda installation instructions

How do I install the SDK on Windows?

  • First, open up an Anaconda Prompt. Hit the start button and type anaconda prompt.

Anaconda prompt

  • Use pip to install the sdk

Run pip install --user vortexasdk in the anaconda command prompt


You're done! The VortexaSDK has now been installed.

How do I install the SDK on Mac / Linux?

Type the following into a bash terminal

$ pip install vortexasdk

How do I add an environment variable on Windows?

  • Hit the windows key, then type "environment" to open up a control panel settings page titled "Edit the system environment variables"


  • In the System Properties window, click on the Advanced tab, then click the Environment Variables button near the bottom of that tab.
  • Add a new user variable


Where is my API Key?

Refer to Vortexa API Authentication for details, including instructions on where to find your API key.

How do I request an API Key?

You can request a demo here.

More details are given in

Alternatively, please get in touch at

How can I check the SDK is setup correctly?

Run the following in a bash console on Mac/Linux, or command prompt on Windows:

$ python -m vortexasdk.check_setup

A successful setup looks like this:


On Windows, you'll need to paste the API key by right clicking the console menu, like so:

Hitting Ctrl+V won't paste the API key, this is due to a known python windows bug get_pass.png