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Freight Pricing Endpoint, use this to search through Vortexa's Baltic Exchange pricing data.


FreightPricingSearch.search(self, routes: Union[List[str], str] = None, days: List[datetime.datetime] = [], order: str = None, order_direction: str = None) -> vortexasdk.endpoints.freight_pricing_result.FreightPricingResult

List of pricing information applicable for a specified route on a given day.


  • routes: Used to filter by specific routes. Must be one of the following:

    • Clean routes - TC1, TC2_37, TC5, TC6, TC7, TC8, TC9, TC10, TC11, TC12, TC14, TC15, TC16, TC17, TC18, TC19.
    • Dirty routes - TD1, TD2, TD3C, TD6, TD7, TD8, TD9, TD12, TD14, TD15, TD17, TD18, TD19, TD20, TD21, TD22, TD23, TD24, TD25, TD26.
    • BLPG routes - BLPG1, BLPG2, BLPG3.
    • BLNG routes - BLNG1g, BLNG2g, BLNG3g
  • days: Used to filter results by day on which the record was generated. Must be an ISO date array or not supplied.

  • order: Used to sort the returned results. Must be either 'record_date' or not supplied.

  • order_direction: Determines the direction of sorting. ‘asc’ for ascending, ‘desc’ for descending.

  • size: Used to page results. The size of the result set. Between 0 and 500.




WS rate for the TD3C route generated on 15th Nov 2021.

>>> from vortexasdk import FreightPricingSearch
>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> day = [datetime(2021, 11, 15)]
>>> df = FreightPricingSearch().search(
...        routes=['TD3C'],
...        days=day
... ).to_df(columns=['short_code','rate','rate_unit'])

short_code rate rate_unit
0 TD3C 43.32 WS