BoundingBox(self, type: str, coordinates: List[Tuple[float, float]]) -> None

Polygon with list of bounding lon lat coords.


Geography(self, id: str, name: str, ref_type: str, leaf: bool, parent: List[vortexasdk.api.shared_types.IDNameLayer], layer: List[str], exclusion_rule: List[vortexasdk.api.shared_types.IDNameLayer], hierarchy: List[vortexasdk.api.shared_types.IDLayer], bounding_box: Union[vortexasdk.api.geography.BoundingBox, NoneType], centre_point: Union[Tuple[float, float], NoneType], location: Union[Tuple[float, float], NoneType]) -> None

Represent a Geography reference record returned by the API.


GeographyEntity(self, id: str, label: str, layer: str, probability: float, source: str) -> None

Represents a hierarchy tree of locational data.

Geography Entities Further Documentation