CargoEvent(self, event_type: str, location: List[vortexasdk.api.geography.GeographyEntity], probability: Union[float, NoneType] = None, pos: Union[List[float], NoneType] = None, vessel_id: Union[str, NoneType] = None, start_timestamp: Union[str, NoneType] = None, end_timestamp: Union[str, NoneType] = None) -> None

A CargoEvent represents an event that occurred to a cargo during a cargo movement.

Cargo Event Entities Further Documentation


CargoMovement(self, cargo_movement_id: str, quantity: int, status: str, vessels: List[vortexasdk.api.vessel.VesselEntity], product: List[vortexasdk.api.product.ProductEntity], events: List[vortexasdk.api.cargo_movement.CargoEvent]) -> None

Cargo movements are the base data set the Vortexa API is centred around.

Each movement represents a journey of a certain quantity of a product between places.

Cargo Movement Further Documentation