LocationDetails(self, id: str, label: str, layer: List[str]) -> None


ProductDetails(self, id: str, label: str, layer: List[str]) -> None


CongestionBreakdownItem(self, avg_waiting_time: int, vessel_dwt: int, vessel_cubic_capacity: int, vessel_count: int, cargo_quantity: int, avg_waiting_time_laden: int, vessel_dwt_laden: int, vessel_cubic_capacity_laden: int, vessel_count_laden: int, avg_waiting_time_ballast: int, vessel_dwt_ballast: int, vessel_cubic_capacity_ballast: int, vessel_count_ballast: int, location_details: List[vortexasdk.api.voyages.LocationDetails]) -> None

Congestion breakdown shows various stats of vessels in congestion.


VoyagesVesselEntity(self, id: str, name: str, imo: int, mmsi: int, call_sign: str, cubic_capacity: int, dead_weight: int, vessel_class: str, year: int, flag: List[enum.Flag], scrubber: List[vortexasdk.api.shared_types.Scrubber], ice_class: str, propulsion: str, tags: List[vortexasdk.api.shared_types.Tag], vessel_risk_level: Union[str, NoneType]) -> None

A VoyagesVesselEntity represents a vessel record used in Voyages.

Vessel Entities Further Documentation


VoyageEnrichedEvent(self) -> None

A voyage event represents an action / event that occurred during a voyage. It allows you to get a full picture of the sequence of activities.

Voyage Events Further Documentation


VoyageEnrichedItem(self, voyage_id: str, start_timestamp: Union[str, NoneType], end_timestamp: Union[str, NoneType], start_event_id: str, end_event_id: Union[str, NoneType], vessel_id: str, previous_voyage_id: Union[str, NoneType], next_voyage_id: Union[str, NoneType], latest_product_ids: List[str], tags: List[vortexasdk.api.shared_types.Tag], tonne_miles: Union[int, NoneType], vessel: vortexasdk.api.voyages.VoyagesVesselEntity, odometer_start: Union[int, NoneType], odometer_end: Union[int, NoneType], corporate_entities: List[vortexasdk.api.corporation.CorporateEntity], events: List[vortexasdk.api.voyages.VoyageEnrichedEvent], latest_product_details: List[vortexasdk.api.voyages.ProductDetails]) -> None

A voyage is defined as a continuous period of time when the vessel is either laden or ballast.

Each voyage is made up of multiple voyage events which describe the activity of the vessel while it is laden or ballast.

Voyages Further Documentation